Rekindle: A Shabbat Studio has ended
Rekindle: A Shabbat Studio is a forum of learning, sharing, community building and radical amazement. The Studio included a range of formal and informal activities (including peer-led happenings and sessions, open space discussions and workshops) all designed to facilitate connections between Shabbat innovators – the movers and shakers of creative Shabbat programming around the world – and catalyze a community of practice.

Sarah Hurwitz

The White House
Special Assistant to the President, Senior Policy & Strategy Advisor to the Council on Women and Girls, Senior Presidential Speechwriter
I grew up outside of Boston; currently live in Washington, DC; was briefly a lawyer at a big DC firm; and have been a speechwriter on a number of political campaigns.  I now work as a speechwriter in The White House and spend a lot of my time outside of work learning about Judaism and thinking about how to make it more meaningful and accessible to modern Jews.  I love hiking, staying up way too late reading, convincing people to see multiple movies in a day with me, and attending Jewish meditation retreats.